Born on April24,1951,in Tehran, Iran, I started doing sculpture art with Parvaneh Roodgar in 2007 after I lost my beloved mother, My adored sweet flower. In the pursuit of my happiness and being in the need of lightheartedness, I began to work with clay, sometimes I spend more than ten hours with no pause, no hesitate. Parvaneh, my very dearest instructor has been a great influence in my life. She had shown me how the strength in works, and true perspective in world can be a real life changing action. I slowly started to explore the relation of the human body and beyond that I devoted my heart and my mind to investigate in the beauty of human anatomy. I became more familiar with a capacity of the human gifted life with a grateful heart.



Who Am I...

On a day, on a day like today when the sand, when the salt and the sun is perfect. When the wine is soft and taste like a tart,  when the life is light as light as clouds and the kids are around, when heaven is just one block away from our hearts, everything starts with unwrapping the heart. I dismiss all the facts, all the causes and the rest.  I dismiss everything but the love.





Now Let the Clay Tells the Rest of the Story 


 Imagine a day a day like today when the sand, when the salt and the sun is perfect. When the wine is soft and taste like a tart, When her soul lies down in that grass, the grass of grace. Imagine a room a magical room when she is around, when she bakes a cake.This beautiful voice; the voice of life, imagine a room, magical room, where  her magic hands are ready to go.




“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,” Said Henry Ward.The inspiration behind so many of my designs is in the process of Shaping faces.There is always a pleasing colloquy between me and the clay. I discovered that my art shared a conceptual philosophy with  Anthroposophy philosophy .


Artist Statement

 Spiritual investigation and inner development objectively shaped my muse. My muse is the interpretation of sensation, fascination, but then intuition, illumination. My muse is a sexless human figure who is mostly appears in a feminine shape. My muse is a brood who lives in never land. To my muse, any kind of worldly attachment is the root of being lost and distort.

The accent of inner essence has always formed my aesthetic, unleashed my mind, devoid my entity. Therefore, my muse is an origin of inner light, a mother of inner sight, A fountain of an incite. Creating, forming, carving figures for me is a journey trough the virtuosity, trough the mastery of creation. Mostly I use terracotta in my works and then use acrylic to colour them. My inspiration comes from the Anthroposophy philosophy. This philosophy is a path of knowledge that studies different paths of spiritual developments in human.